Cabling your infrastructure

Cabling for a specific system or your own infrastructure? Cables perfectly made to measure, soldering connectors or tying up cable bundles and harnesses? At Wireline we can do it all. Because we know that clear cabling is crucial. So that you can maintain an overview and take targeted action when you need to. Or expand any time you choose.

Detailed cable management
What will be the layout of the cabling? How do we combine efficiency with a clear infrastructure? Detailed cable management is preceded by meticulous planning. We know that all too well at Wireline. That is precisely why we actively focus on this area and the corresponding classification. With an eye for detail and a view to the future.
Tailor-made data cabling
A strong network with the right connections? It’s not always the case. Nevertheless, it is cabling that forms the basis for all further communication. Whether your organisation is centralised in one place or spread across different locations. Wireline provides customised data cabling. Precisely tailored to your organisation.
Aesthetic cable solutions
We provide aesthetic cable solutions that you can understand. Where the respective functions are clear. So that you can intervene if you need to.

We cross the line for you


Tailor-made installation for your company
As a result of the correct, thorough installation of your equipment, with the necessary attention to finishing and details, you can be sure of the continued reliability of your critical network.


Preventive maintenance and troubleshooting
Are things going wrong somewhere? Then we’re here for you. We offer First Line Maintenance (FLM) 24/7. Want to prevent issues in the first place? Then choose preventive maintenance.
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